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“ It’s going to be a while before I even come close to making back what I put in,” she said.

“ But I don’t owe anybody any money.” The lagging economy is fueling entrepreneurs’ reluctance to take on debt, and many are looking for other ways to make ends meet.

We work so well together, but are so different that we never would have met without a dating site.

“ It’s all about bootstrapping and doing things intelligently,” he said.

We want Dating Revolution to democratize online dating with tools created to help you meet the right person faster.

I recently got married to an amazing woman that I met on a dating site.

“ I’m just thankful that I’m very high-energy,” she said. Fishbein, who works 14-hour days to accommodate her patient schedule and fledgling company, is one of many New York entrepreneurs holding down a day job.

With the recession lending uncertainty to even the most staid of full-time positions, few are willing to give up their steady paychecks.

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